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Intel Master Key/Redemption Center


1. Navigate to
2. Input your Master Key found on receipt or physical brochure included with the purchase of your new PC.
3. The Master Key will unlock and all applications included within your Intel® Starter Pack will be shown.
4. Select PCmover Professional from the list of available applications.
5. On the PCmover Professional page, select the 'Download' button.
6. The page will direct you to the download instructions for PCmover. Follow these instructions to download PCmover on your old and new PC.
7. Copy your PCmover Serial Number from the 'Promo Code' box within the download instructions.
8. Once PCmover is installed on both PCs, open PCmover on both PCs and input your PCmover Serial Number

If you have any questions, please join us in live chat!
Your Intel Master Key will be provided via a physical brochure or receipt included in your computer purchase. The Master Key consists of 12 alpha-numeric characters. EX: E4FGJ9D3TU12
You can find your PCmover Serial Number in the Intel® Software Starter Pack after selecting the 'Download' button. A gray 'Promo Code' box will show below the install instructions, containing your PCmover Serial Number.
If you have any problems finding your serial number, please join us in live chat!
You can use the following link to download on your other PC:
Please join us in live chat for quick responses to your queries. If you would prefer someone to remotely assist with the transfer, please visit for applicable phone numbers for Transfer Assistance.
PCmover will automatically connect to your other PC using available networking possible. The connection types supported in PCmover are: Wireless Ethernet Cable Laplink USB 2.0 External Hard drive Laplink USB 3.0 Cable

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