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Only Laplink’s Easy Transfer Cable Works with Windows 8.1!

Laplink’s Easy Transfer Cable works for all versions of Windows®– even 8.1 and 10! Unlike the Bravura easy transfer cable, Laplink’s Easy Transfer Cable is the ONLY cable that supports the transfer of your PC’s data to a new PC.

Easy Transfer Cable for Windows®
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Laplink offers a 100% money back guarantee and for over 30 years has been the trusted name in migration.


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PCmover® Ultimate offers a complete solution for a PC to PC migration. Install the software, connect the PCs with a Laplink transfer cable, and migrate your data, settings, and even applications at the fastest speeds. Then completely delete the data on your old PC with SafeErase, included in this ultimage package – free! ($30 value)


PCmover Ultimate
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FEATURES Bravura Transfer Cable Laplink Easy Transfer Cable for Windows® PCmover Ultimate
Works with Windows® 8.1
Works with Windows® 10
Transfers Settings
Transfers User Pictures and Files
Transfers Programs
Supports 32-bit to 64-bit transfers
Ability to undo transfer
24/7 Free Transfer Assistance Learn More
Includes SafeErase Learn More
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Regular Price: $29.95
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PCmover is also Microsoft’s® recommended migration solution, and is recommended by Intel.




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